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Re: Fwd: GSoC 2012: Mentor application?

From: pcmagas
Subject: Re: Fwd: GSoC 2012: Mentor application?
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2012 15:34:12 +0300

I think according to google-melagne site the mentor gets $500 that is
aptroxomately 300 Euros perfaps a future greek slalary ;)
Στις 03-04-2012, ημέρα Τρι, και ώρα 11:42 +0200, ο/η Nikos
Mavrogiannopoulos έγραψε:
> On Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 8:35 PM, Giuseppe Scrivano <address@hidden> wrote:
> > address@hidden (Alfred M. Szmidt) writes:
> >>    > This is a bit misleading, especially on this list. Orgs get paid,
> >>    > not mentors. Some orgs redistribute this money to the mentors; GNU
> >>    > hasn't generally done this.
> >>    That is sad :( For all their hard work mentors deserve to be rewarded.
> >>    Oh, well, i stand corrected then.
> >> The reward is computer user freedom.
> > absolutely right, but on the other hand there is some money and who
> > deserves it more than who is doing the real job?  As this money is
> > supposed to support the development of Free Software/Open Source
> > software, I don't see a better way to use this money than give it, at
> > least partly, to whom is directly involved with it.  Differently than
> > sporadic contributions, a mentor has responsibilities with the student
> > and has to find some time for it.
> I pretty much agree. Even if no money go to the mentor there should be
> something that counts as thank you gesture.
> regards,
> Nikos
>From simpatrioti
Dimitrios Desyllas

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