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[Swarm-support] Swarm in CentOS Linux on VirtualBox

From: Steve Railsback
Subject: [Swarm-support] Swarm in CentOS Linux on VirtualBox
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2017 15:24:10 -0800
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For anyone else still trying to keep old Swarm code running:

I recently discovered upon buying a new computer that it is getting harder to use run Swarm in Linux (which, originally, was the *only* way you could run it).

(The easiest way to use Swarm now is probably via MinGW in Windows, but it produces only 32-bit executables, which are a little slower and I need the extra precision of 64-bit for some codes.)

I had a real problem finding a Linux distribution that was new enough to support my hardware but still supported a compiler old enough for Swarm. In fact, I could not find any. Charlie Sharpsteen pointed out that CentOS 6.9 is still supported for a couple more years and comes with gcc 4.4. But I could not get it to install on my new machine.

(Paul Johnson perseveres in trying to get gcc 4.6 and Swarm working on new Linux releases.)

My solution was to install VirtualBox software in Windows (or, potentially, on Linux or Mac), and install CentOS 6.9 in VirtualBox. It was not pain-free but I got it to work, and it does let me do 64-bit Swarm. (I do not believe that the virtualization slows down execution significantly.)

So I exported a CentOS virtual machine and put it on a web page where people can get it. In theory, you can just install Oracle VirtualBox and then import my virtual machine and be off to the races. Swarm is installed, along with a few demo codes.

The machine is at: http://www.langrailsback.com/SwarmVM/

Thanks to Paul and Charlie.

Steve R.

Steve Railsback
Lang Railsback & Associates

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