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Re: [Swarm-support] Swarm in CentOS Linux on VirtualBox

From: Daniels, Marcus G
Subject: Re: [Swarm-support] Swarm in CentOS Linux on VirtualBox
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2017 00:27:22 +0000

There is a 64 bit Cygwin now.  


> On Nov 12, 2017, at 4:24 PM, Steve Railsback <address@hidden> wrote:
> For anyone else still trying to keep old Swarm code running:
> I recently discovered upon buying a new computer that it is getting harder to 
> use run Swarm in Linux (which, originally, was the *only* way you could run 
> it).
> (The easiest way to use Swarm now is probably via MinGW in Windows, but it 
> produces only 32-bit executables, which are a little slower and I need the 
> extra precision of 64-bit for some codes.)
> I had a real problem finding a Linux distribution that was new enough to 
> support my hardware but still supported a compiler old enough for Swarm. In 
> fact, I could not find any. Charlie Sharpsteen pointed out that CentOS 6.9 is 
> still supported for a couple more years and comes with gcc 4.4. But I could 
> not get it to install on my new machine.
> (Paul Johnson perseveres in trying to get gcc 4.6 and Swarm working on new 
> Linux releases.)
> My solution was to install VirtualBox software in Windows (or, potentially, 
> on Linux or Mac), and install CentOS 6.9 in VirtualBox. It was not pain-free 
> but I got it to work, and it does let me do 64-bit Swarm. (I do not believe 
> that the virtualization slows down execution significantly.)
> So I exported a CentOS virtual machine and put it on a web page where people 
> can get it. In theory, you can just install Oracle VirtualBox and then import 
> my virtual machine and be off to the races. Swarm is installed, along with a 
> few demo codes.
> The machine is at: http://www.langrailsback.com/SwarmVM/
> Thanks to Paul and Charlie.
> Steve R.
> -- 
> Steve Railsback
> Lang Railsback & Associates
> www.railsback-grimm-abm-book.com

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