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RE: [Swarmfest2007] Swarmfest fees, budget

From: Jim Anderson
Subject: RE: [Swarmfest2007] Swarmfest fees, budget
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 08:26:26 -0700

Your estimates look and website both look good. Even if we run a deficit,
it's important to hold SwarmFest just to keep the momentum going.


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Subject: [Swarmfest2007] Swarmfest fees, budget

Hi Folks,

Steve Lytinen and I have been working up a budget for Swarmfest, so we 
can set the registration fees. Overall costs should be low because we're 
using DePaul's facilities.

To note:
  Proposed registration fees of $250, $125 student.
  We're expecting a $1000 contribution from DePaul.
  Even assuming only 40 attendees, we have a small excess.
  I included budget to pay a keynote speaker.
  We are not planning to include lunches because we'll be surrounded by 
good lunch restaurants (which are much cheaper than catering).

Comments before we go public?
Please also look over the draft web site that Steve L. is building; the 
draft call for papers is there too: 

Steve R.

Assumptions:            Number attending        Registration fee        
        Non-student     20                       $250   
        Student         20                       $125   
        Total registrants:      40              
Registration:                            $7,500
DePaul contribution                      $1,000
Total income:                            $8,500
Item    Number of days  # person-days   Cost per person-day     Cost
Catering: coffee etc.   2       80       $15                     $1,200
Catering: lunches       2               80                               $-
Catering: reception     1       40       $40                     $1,600
Banquet                 1       40       $75                     $3,000
Prizes                                  $100
Copying, misc.                          $200
Keynote speaker:fee                     $500
Speaker: airfare                                $800
Speaker: Hotel, misc.                   $500
Total expenses:                          $7,900
Balance:                                 $600

Steve Railsback
Lang, Railsback & Associates
Arcata, California
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