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Re: [Swarmfest2007] Banquet speaker

From: Steve Railsback
Subject: Re: [Swarmfest2007] Banquet speaker
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 14:17:08 -0700
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Jim Anderson wrote:
Yes we need to move quickly and so lets accept Tim.

OK, I will get back to Tim.

Also: Steve Lytinen has some good news---his brand-new dean has agreed to chip in $1000 toward our budget plus buy us all t-shirts! (The fact that Steve chaired the search committee that hired the dean certainly has nothing to do with this.)

And DePaul will cover the required pre-payment on the dormitory housing, so SDG will not have to get involved with housing except in the unlikely event we don't fill the rooms we reserved. (We have to guarantee that we'll fill a certain number of rooms and partially pay for them in advance; it is easy to increase that number as registration proceeds, so we reserved only a few rooms.)


Steve Railsback
Lang, Railsback & Associates
Arcata, California

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