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[Swftools-common] Problems with wrong frames

From: Jono Bacon
Subject: [Swftools-common] Problems with wrong frames
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 01:40:19 +0000

Hi all,

I hope you can help me with this one - its been puzzling me a few days now.

I have two .swf files that I want to combine together:

 * One is a file generated from a swfc script. The script just
displays a series of images at different frames. The images were
gather by converting a PDF to a JPGs. I use Ghostscript 8.14 and this
command to convert the PDF to the jpegs: gs -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH
-sDEVICE=jpeg -sOutputFile=%03d_slide.jpg -r200
 * The other file contains audi generated with wav2swf.

The problem I have is that the images don't seem to appear at the
right in my file. My script is running at 25frames per second and I
start the file with the first image. As an example, I want the second
to appear 1 minute 49 seconds in (frame 2725), but it seems to load
between 5 and 20 seconds late. I have monitored each of the images
loading and they each have seemingly random delay times (5 secs, 8
secs, 9 secs).

There are my first five image files sizes:

508318 001_slide.jpg
112386 002_slide.jpg
193453 003_slide.jpg
194157 004_slide.jpg

And here are the delay times for each image:

508318 001_slide.jpg the swf starts with this image
112386 002_slide.jpg 5 secs
193453 003_slide.jpg 8 secs
194157 004_slide.jpg 9 secs

This is the script (called script.sc):

# Presentation script, generated by RaccoonShow
.flash filename="processed-images.swf" version=5 fps=25
.jpeg s1 "001_slide.jpg" quality=80%
.jpeg s2 "002_slide.jpg" quality=80%
.jpeg s3 "003_slide.jpg" quality=80%
.jpeg s4 "004_slide.jpg" quality=80%
.jpeg s5 "005_slide.jpg" quality=80%
.jpeg s6 "006_slide.jpg" quality=80%
.jpeg s7 "007_slide.jpg" quality=80%
.jpeg s8 "008_slide.jpg" quality=80%
.jpeg s9 "009_slide.jpg" quality=80%
.jpeg s10 "010_slide.jpg" quality=80%
.jpeg s11 "011_slide.jpg" quality=80%
.jpeg s12 "012_slide.jpg" quality=80%
.jpeg s13 "013_slide.jpg" quality=80%
.jpeg s14 "014_slide.jpg" quality=80%
.jpeg s15 "015_slide.jpg" quality=80%
.jpeg s16 "016_slide.jpg" quality=80%
.jpeg s17 "017_slide.jpg" quality=80%
.jpeg s18 "018_slide.jpg" quality=80%
.jpeg s19 "019_slide.jpg" quality=80%
.jpeg s20 "020_slide.jpg" quality=80%
.jpeg s21 "021_slide.jpg" quality=80%
.jpeg s22 "022_slide.jpg" quality=80%
.jpeg s23 "023_slide.jpg" quality=80%
.jpeg s24 "024_slide.jpg" quality=80%
.jpeg s25 "025_slide.jpg" quality=80%
.jpeg s26 "026_slide.jpg" quality=80%
.jpeg s27 "027_slide.jpg" quality=80%

.put s1
.frame 2725
.put s2
.frame 5375
.put s3
.frame 5900
.put s4
.frame 6349
.put s5
.frame 6750
.put s6
.frame 6900
.put s7
.frame 7050
.put s8
.frame 8000
.put s9
.frame 8850
.put s10
.frame 8925
.put s11
.frame 9550
.put s12
.frame 9800
.put s13
.frame 9925
.put s14
.frame 10025
.put s15
.frame 11325
.put s16
.frame 14100
.put s17
.frame 17275
.put s18
.frame 24025
.put s19
.frame 24324
.put s20
.frame 29274
.put s21
.frame 29499
.put s22
.frame 29650
.put s23
.frame 29899
.put s24
.frame 30400
.put s25
.frame 34150
.put s26
.frame 38350
.put s27

To generate my .swf, I run:

  swfc script.sc

At first I thought that the problem was with my swfcombine, but when I
just run the processed-images.swf file above, I get the delays listed

When I do combine the files, I use the following command:

  swfcombine -T processed-images.swf processed-audio.swf -o Presentation.swf

Can anyone help me solve this problem? This is the one remaining
problem I am facing and I am tearing my hear out with it!



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