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[Swftools-common] Regarding swftools interactive editor

From: Kevin Veroneau
Subject: [Swftools-common] Regarding swftools interactive editor
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 14:54:13 -0600

Hello again,

    If anyone has any comments and/or suggestions for the swftools interactive 
online editor, I am willing to put in any modification that anyone shoots at me.

    Also, if you want to re-edit a file that has been saved upon the Server, 
use this URI syntax for now until I add the form on the page to do it:

http://home.zyrixnet.com/swftools/editor.php?file=<sc file>

    The sc file is one of the many files in the 'Browse files' list. You can 
also download any file through this list as well. Simply right-click the file 
of your choosing and select 'Save Link as...' from the context menu.

    I find having an IDE somewhat simpler, since using the CLI means you use an 
editor then switch to the CLI type in your command to compile it. Then after, 
open your web browser to view your output. It's quite a long trail of tasks 
each time you wish to re-edit your source-code. This was one of the main ideas 
for creating this. It gave me quick edit to compile and view access. In a 
damanding world, most of the time, we have to complete things fast. This brings 
that quickness to swftools.

    Also, I will be adding an upload section, for users can upload new fonts 
and images. Don't worry about diskspace and/or quota. I have 16G of space, 
which isn't going fast. Plus most images and fonts aren't too big. I will the 
form able to upload files of any size, but only which maybe images and fonts 
supported by swftools. For example, if you upload a font called 
'mycoolfont.ttf', it will automaticly be converted into a swf font, and slip 
into the fonts folder. I will also be adding such features(at a later date) for 
user accounts and also deletion of content that you upload.

    Everyones support, including Rainer, and Matthias, is very thanked. Without 
them, we wouldn't even have swftools.

    Kevin Veroneau
    Zyrix Networks - Simple Computing

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