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proposals for new XML

From: Patrice Dumas
Subject: proposals for new XML
Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2011 01:53:32 +0200
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We are currently changing the Texinfo XML with the new implementation,
to avoid loss of information when going from the texinfo code to 
Texinfo XML.

1. Some things that break compatibility but seems not questionable to me:

@printindex cp  -> <printindex value="cp"></printindex>
<xref> becomes <xref> or <pxref> or <ref>.
No more See or see together with *ref.
@findex -> <findex index="fn"><indexterm index="fn">index entry</...></..>
@fooindex -> <indexcommand command="fooindex" index="foo"><indexterm 
index="foo">index entry</...></..>
@abbr do not becomes <abbrev>, but <abbr>
menu comment -> <menucomment>
menu entry description -> <menudescription> (instead of <menucomment>)
definfoenclosed @-command -> <infoenclose command=".." begin=".." end="..">...

No more <definition>, but instead use the command, like <deffn>.
Also use the def*x commands, like

If the @-command is an alias with category generated (like for @defun it 
is Function), it has a automatic="on" attribute, like 
<defun><definitionterm><defcategory automatic="on">Function</defcategory>

no more <floatpos>.

2. Some more proposals

Have only <image> and no <inlineimage>.

Use <pre> for preformatted portions of text, and use the xml:space="preserve"
on <pre>, for example 

 @end example

would become

 <pre xml:space="preserve">in

rename, for @itemize the argument <itemfunction> -> <itemprepend>

rename <title> for sectioning @-commands as <sectiontitle>
let @settitle and @title -> <settitle> and <title>

3. Some questions

I have trouble with 2 constructs, what is prepended to a @item in
@itemize, and the @command applied to @item or @itemx line in @[fv]?table.
I think these should not be applied as if things were formatted, otherwise
it is not possible to determine what was the @item and what is added.

Here is what I propose.

For @itemize, add a <prepend> element, so for example

@itemize @minus
@item in item

@item A

@end itemize


<itemize commandarg="&minus;"><itemprepend>&minus;</itemprepend>
<item><prepend>&minus;</prepend><para>in item

For table I propose an element called itemformat with the command in 
attribute. For example

@table @samp
@item in item
@end table


<table commandarg="samp">
<tableitem><tableterm command="item"><itemformat command="samp">in 

Also if the commandarg is a definfoencose'd command, it gives, with
@definfoenclose a,:,:

@table @a
@item in item
@end table

<table commandarg="a" begin=":" end=":">
<tableitem><tableterm command="item"><itemformat infoenclose="a" begin=":" 
end=":">in item</..></.

Any issue with any of these?


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