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Re: warning for index entry with :

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: warning for index entry with :
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2011 23:40:53 GMT

    so not only in node header, but also in menu entries (and @ref).


    @image is not ignored, it is replaced by the basename.txt content.  

I know, but if basename.txt doesn't exist ...

    Alt could indeed be used, too.  

I think imagename.txt should be used if it exists, else alt text if that
was given, else maybe just the filename?  [image foo]

    It would be pretty straigthforward to have a difference between info
    and plaintext on cross refs.

Ah, good.  I forgot menus were also omitted in plaintext.

    * trimming of customization doc and update of texinfo.txi


    * tp/ modules documentation

I'd say it's not critical for the tp/ modules doc to be complete,
but in practice I'm sure it will take me longer to go through
texinfo.txi after you have than for you to update the tp doc.

Not to mention the time pretests will take, which we could start without
the doc updates, as you suggested before.  Still awaiting
tp/Makefile.incl on that front ... (I know it's "wrong" to commit it,
but can you just do so, so I can rebuild?  We can delete it again later
when things are straightened out.)

The other thing that concerns me for the initial 5.0 release is handling
#line, as I wrote about separately.

    * tex4ht and latex2html for @tex and @math

This doesn't seem more important to me than the "really new stuff" you
list below.  I'd say a LaTeX back-end is more important than that, and
handling arbitrary node names is more important than either?

We should merge this post-release list into TODO ...


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