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Re: texi2html tests are huge

From: Patrice Dumas
Subject: Re: texi2html tests are huge
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2012 00:49:34 +0100
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On Sun, Jan 29, 2012 at 03:26:48PM -0800, Karl Berry wrote:
> With automake tests, I know how to rerun the test after making a change
> and discover what the actual problem is, etc.  That is not so clear to
> me from the above, or from looking at (for example) tp/tests/htmlxref.
> Simply running `make check' in that dir says "Nothing to be done".

Indeed, the thing oto do to rerun all the tests is


and only one

../run_parser_all.sh htmlxref

> One small thing that I think would help tyros like me is to include the
> directory name on those D: lines, that is, not just diffs/htmlxref.diff,
> but htmlxref/diffs/htmlxref.diff.


> Incidentally, the actual difference evidently relates to which
> texinfo.cnf got found?  My texinfo/tp/tests/htmlxref/diffs/htmlxref.diff
> file contains this:
> diff -a -u '--exclude=CVS' '--exclude=*.png' '--exclude=*_l2h.css' -r 
> .././htmlxref/res_parser/htmlxref/test_refs.html 
> out_parser/htmlxref/test_refs.html
> --- .././htmlxref/res_parser/htmlxref/test_refs.html  2012-01-14 
> 11:01:41.000000000 -0800
> +++ out_parser/htmlxref/test_refs.html        2012-01-29 00:50:11.000000000 
> -0800
> @@ -78,7 +78,7 @@
>  split: ../manual/index.html#Top
>  </pre></div>
> -<p><tt>(texinfo)Cross References</tt> <a 
> href="texinfo.html#Cross-References">(texinfo)Cross References</a>
> +<p><tt>(texinfo)Cross References</tt> <a 
> href="http://www.gnu.org/software/texinfo/manual/texinfo/texinfo.html#Cross-References";>(texinfo)Cross
>  References</a>
>  </p><div class="example">
>  <pre class="example">mono: texinfo.html#Cross-References
>  split: ../texinfo/Cross-References.html#Cross-References

Indeed, I'll have to systematically use manuals not existing in tests
of texi2any.


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