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Re: [Texmacs-dev] Why I hate TexMacs

From: slept
Subject: Re: [Texmacs-dev] Why I hate TexMacs
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2008 15:56:13 +0200
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Eli Osherovich wrote:

Well, the subject is a little bit provocative, but, this will probably help to draw your attention. I use TexMacs for short notes that have to contain a lot of math. However, recently, I decided to give a chance and to use it for something more serious. It took about a week to prepare a text and illustrations and to put all together in a document. BUT... (here comes the greatest surprise) the effort was absolutely a waste of time, simply because I could not share it with anybody. TexMacs HAS NO ABILITY TO PRINT/EXPORT/DO SOMETHING USEFULL with images (is eps format). WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT. It is something funny to read a hot discussion on how to compile it under MacOS or any other OS. WHY DO YOU WANT IT???????

First of all I love the way you can type formulas with Texmacs. And acctually I am quite sure people who want to be productive don't care about the way the buttons look, but from what I understood thats not completely the point in the argument.

All those people probably do not know that the tool they try to port simply is not worth it.
Do you want to waste your time on an editor that has the following "features"

1. Costant problems with speller (cannot connect to ispell...)

The broken spellcheking made me stop using texmacs, the fix is easy but I couldn't find the place to fix it in the source - the reason is just a wrong call of ispell. You would have to set the encoding right for ispell or even better do the change to utf8. But since I have almost no programming experience I don't know how much work that would be.
If you want some predictable results use plain LaTeX or try LyX if you need some visualization capabilities while you write.
That is, what your communication resulted in for me. I didn't know about lyx before, I have to say I like it and I can use spellchecking which I need. But for writing formulas(in physics) texmacs is superior ... that is a point where I am hoping that you might join forces and combine parts (I have no idea if that is possible since you seem to have different views on programming).

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