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Re: [Texmacs-dev] Why I hate TexMacs

From: Eli Osherovich
Subject: Re: [Texmacs-dev] Why I hate TexMacs
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 12:18:34 +0300
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The point was to use vector graphics and not raster images. 

Dear TexMacs developers and users. 
In fact I do like TexMacs, but my last experience was so painful...

Here is my point in one sentence: the major barrier for adoption is low 

You may or may not take me seriously. 
Enjoy hacking TexMacs.
For me the conversation is over.

On Monday, 23 בJune 2008 11:59:12 Henri Lesourd wrote:
> Eli Osherovich wrote:
> >with images (is eps format). WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT.
> You can import GIF, JPEG, etc.
> With a little bit more work, you can also
> export a 1-page, eps document with no margins,
> having the width and height you want. As soon
> as you are there, you can export this eps image
> to any format by means of the usual UNIX image
> conversion tools.
> Thus *YES*, one can work with images in TeXmacs,
> but as often in TeXmacs, you need a little bit
> hacking.
> >It is something funny to read a hot discussion on how to compile it under
> >MacOS or any other OS. WHY DO YOU WANT IT???????
> >
> >All those people probably do not know that the tool they try to port
> > simply is not worth it.
> For people who do mathematics, it is very worth it,
> otherwise there would be no users, and no TeXmacs
> project anymore.
> But the fact remains that precisely, there is a
> lot of people which use TeXmacs for their daily
> work.
> >Do you want to waste your time on an editor that has the following
> > "features"
> >
> >1. Costant problems with speller (cannot connect to ispell...)
> This is a minor domain, especially in mathematics,
> where the vocabulary is reduced.
> >2. Has no ability to change an environment (say, you want to change
> > equation to eqnarray or vice versa)
> There is definitely such an ability, at least by
> means of editing the markup. Otherwise, something
> like Ctrl-Tab (if I remember correctly) can be
> used to cycle thru variants of a given feature.
> >3. Cannot print or export to PDF any high quality images.
> This is because of the external converters we use, but
> as soon as you have a better one, plugging it into the
> TeXmacs export pipeline is not very hard.
> >4. Export to latex is broken (try to compile a generic style document)
> You could contribute to it, instead of only whining !
> >5. And many many others....
> Same answer as previously !
> >P.S.
> >Actually I like TexMacs for it's ease of use and very good bindings,
> >unfortunately is can be used only for toy-problems.
> It has been used for writing several books, and
> is routinely used to write math papers by many
> people.
> >And developers are not
> >interested in any change. They would rather discuss months a new icon sets
> > or crap like that.
> We try to be well organized and plan things, and this happens to be
> our current task, that's all.
> As far as implementations and discussions are concerned,
> on the one hand discussing is very useful to collect
> info from users. And on the harsh side, I would say
> that the real problem is rather that wind-moving-with-their-tongues
> which say the software is address@hidden while doing nothing are many,
> while dedicated developers are scarce...
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