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Re: [Thales] IRCU support for thales

From: Daniël Boeije
Subject: Re: [Thales] IRCU support for thales
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003 20:59:16 +0200


I'm interested, I'm from the ScaryNet IRC Network, an international
network mainly focusing on webchats. You can connect to it by You can find me on IRC as kewlkiddo. I like IRCu
more since it doesn't has any stuff which is most of the times not
needed by the IRCops etc.

Best regards,
Daniël Boeije

Wednesday, October 1, 2003, 7:44:00 PM, you wrote:

LN> Hi,

LN> You are receiving this mail because you are subscribed to
LN> address@hidden, or because you mailed me recently, requesting that
LN> ircu support be added in thales.

LN> I might consider adding ircu support to thales, since I received a lot
LN> of mails recently asking for it. But I first would like to know how many
LN> people would actually benefit of it, since it's a lot of work.

LN> If you are interested in ircu support, please mail the following form to
LN> address@hidden

LN> ---------
LN> Yes, I'm interested in ircu for thales.
LN> My network name :
LN> Language(s) used on the network :
LN> Address you can use to connect to my network (does irc.mynetwork works
LN> ?):
LN> My nickname(s) on my network :
LN> Number of users currently connected on my network (while writing this
LN> mail) :
LN> Why I use ircu rather than Unreal, Bahamut, or any other IRC already
LN> supported by Thales (please detail) :

LN> You could use my network while developping ircu support (doesn't break
LN> anything, but you could see all online users and secret channels, and
LN> channels' passwords) : [Y/N]
LN> -------

LN> I'll tell on address@hidden mailing list if I'm going to write
LN> support for ircu or not in a few days (let's say on monday). Please
LN> subscribe if you aren't and want to be kept informed.

LN> Thank you for your interest in thales.

Best regards,
 Daniël                            mailto:address@hidden

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