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Re: [Thales] About Thales IRC to mysql gateway.

From: Hervé Rousseau
Subject: Re: [Thales] About Thales IRC to mysql gateway.
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 14:38:03 +0200
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address@hidden wrote:

Dear Niklas,

Wouldn't be that difficult to write, as long as the servers send their
G:lines etc on-burst, like IRCu does with GNUWorld. Besides of that... it
just should listen to the stream and record the G:lines etc.

K/k:lines would be more difficult, since they are configuration-based (at
least, in IRCu), so they should be added manually to the database.

Best regards,

Thales doesn't support IRCu :) (not yet ?)
Support for ban/autokill lines, will need i think, an indepedent table, so that it doesn't interfer with "online" values such as connected people, channels etc... k/g/* lines are active even when user isn't online.

I'll be on holiday soon, if someone begins to write some code, maybe i could finish it in august ? :)

Have a nice day,

Hervé Rousseau

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