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Re: [Therion] 0.4.0 ...

From: Wookey
Subject: Re: [Therion] 0.4.0 ...
Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2006 02:55:59 +0000
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On 2006-10-08 21:16 +0100, Wookey wrote:

> Normally debian users (and ubuntu users) can just apt-get therion. You
> will only need this info for a short while until I get round to
> uploading therion 0.4.0. I have started on it, but am horribly busy
> right now with competing tasks.
> If you want to help with therion packaging that would be very welcome.
> You can join as a co-maintainer. Sometimes it takes me week or months
> to find time to upload a new release. 

OK, time has been found. There is now a reasonable packaging of
therion, therion-doc (including all the wiki stuff, as of ladislev's
last static export), and therion-viewer.

I have now merged the latest snapshot release (2006-12-21).

It all seems to work, although if I use the mouse to move the view on
loch then after about 5 steps it crashes, taking the X-server down
with it (!). This is quite serious. If I just use menus or keys then
it seems to be OK. It doesn't matter if a file is loaded or not. 

The packaging could use a bit of tidying up in READMEs etc, but is
good enough. I will upload it to experimental in the next few days, by
way of a littel xmas present for you all :-)

I am working on it in svn://

We should probably try and rationlise matters so we don't have 3
different therion repositories. This one for the debian packaging,
philip's for his cmake and loch work and the official one stacho uses
at Currently merging a new upstream tarball into my svn
version is a pain. I need to sort that out.

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