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[Therion] Docs and debian packaging

From: Wookey
Subject: [Therion] Docs and debian packaging
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2006 13:53:38 +0000
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I have made the 0.4.1~pre20061221 debian packaging of the latest
snapshot. This includes the wiki docs and the current source and debs
are available at:

However I have a problem with the packaging.

Debian packages normally include the original source tarball plus a
debian diff for the changes. However the changes now include all the
wiki html and images. The images are not representable in a diff so it
doesn't work. The above package has been done without an upstream
tarball for the source. 

I am not sure what to do about this. I see these options:

1) uuencode all the images
 Pro: farily simple  - packagin needs to uudecode them all before
normal packaging - no other changes.
 Cons: Makes source 35% bigger - not totally crazy but still 1Mb extra.
       Makes packaging more fiddly due to need to convert to/from uuencode 
       whenever there is a wiki export update

2) Make therion a debian native package
 Pro: can then just use standard mechanisms
      No wasted space or extra faff
 Con: therion isn't a debian native package, and it means I can't do a
  debian update without there being abump in the therion version. This
  has caused problems with survex so I'm not too keen.

This is effectively what has been done with the debs I've currently

3) Include wiki export in upstream tarball
  Pro: Makes things trivial from my POV
  Con: You may not want to do this as you already have the wiki - do
you want docs in source as well? 
       Makes source much bigger: dump is ~3.5MB

4) Split therion source docs and code upstream
  Pro: has the same effect as 3, but code download is still small.
  Con: You need to do a bit of work to move thbook sources into docs

So, the question for therion authors/admins (who shouldn't really have to
worry about debian packaging), is do you think including the wiki docs
in either the main source tarball or a different docs one (and move
the thbook into that too) is a good idea or not?

If you do then I suggest this is the best way to go. If not I will
probably go the uuencode route for now, unless/until someone has a better

Sorry to bother you with this - I had never realised that debian diffs
cannot introduce binary files not in upstream - it's a bit cack really
in a situation like this.

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