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[Therion] Flowstone symbols

From: Michael Lake
Subject: [Therion] Flowstone symbols
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2007 08:49:15 +1100
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Hi all

Wookey wrote...

> Mike - I have an interest in this too - mulu has large flowstone areas
> which are currently poorly (artistically) represented. I'd be happy to
> compare notes.

Well now that flowstone as an area is in Therion we can look at tweaking the
metapost code.

The ASF's images for flowstone is at:
It differs from gour pools in that the gour symbols all join or touch each other
whereas the flowstone symbols are all separate. In the metapost code below I
have increased the horizontal and vertical spacing a bit and my wife Jill thinks
its pretty close now to the ASF symbol on the web. 

code metapost
    pickup PenC;
    p:=(-.35u,0){dir -60} .. {dir 60}(0.35u,0);
    draw p;
    draw p shifted (0.35u,0.4u);  # was (0.35u,0.3u)
    patternxstep(1.0u);           # was 0.7
    patternystep(0.8u);           # was 0.6
def a_flowstone_ASF (expr Path) =
  thclean Path;
  thfill Path withpattern pattern_flowstone;

Now .... rotation. We draw flowstone and gours oriented to the direction that
they are in the cave. I think they are pretty much the only area fills that we
orient. The rest like mad, sand, clay, moonmilk etc are all unorientated.
Mike Lake

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