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Re: [Therion] [Fwd: mail therion]

From: Gilbert Fernandes (mailinglist)
Subject: Re: [Therion] [Fwd: mail therion]
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 07:56:57 +0200
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Thank you for your answer,
I think your right for the up/down.
I look the -flip option.
nice job, follow up


Stacho Mudrak a écrit :
Quoting "Gilbert Fernandes (mailinglist)" <address@hidden>:

If I use the command “exended reverse� on my survey file (, first centreline bloc), the drawing is reverse up-down : my survey have a rotation of 180° instead of a mirror reverse right-left.

Do you have the probleme ? what should I do ?

Yes. When transforming scraps, therion can now do only rotation + scaling
transformation, but not mirroring. I will add this into TODO list.

If you have drawn mirrored scrap, you need to specify -flip horizontal as scrap
option in this case (see modified pinee6a1_cd.th2 file).

And in the 3D model (lox file), il size of the galerie seems strange. As if the size (up/down) is count twice.

Look for the pinee6b.th2.

The final room (at the top) seems to be mirrored (the floor is bad).

I don't think so :) - see - there you have:

data normal from to length backcompass backclino right left down up ss2 ss1 7.97 350.00 -14.00 3.00 2.30 7.00 1.00

this means, wall is 7 m down from ss1 station, which is according to
not true (ss1 station is on the floor). So either you have wrong header (down
should be up down) or wrong LRUD data.

Regards, S.


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