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[Tlf-devel] TLF

From: Franta Bendl
Subject: [Tlf-devel] TLF
Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2004 17:08:30 +0200
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Hi Rein,

after any troubles with our logging SW (CT) on the last weekend (SSB Fieldday) 
I tried your TLF. Unfortunately I was not able to get it running for the 
European fieldday. I attach my configuration and the contest file here. The 
used TLF version was 0.9.20. I fought with the following problems:

1. with the setting of call to DK0VA/p (our contest call) TLF doesn't show the 
"My Zone" and "My Continent" (The field have "--"). With CALL set to PA0R the 
Zone and Continent are shown correctly. Therefore I used your call for the 
next tests.

2. it seems "2EU3DX_POINTS" doesn't works. No points are assigned to QSO with 
this setting. If I tried to set MY_CONTINENT_POINTS and DX_POINTS instead of 
2EU3DX_POINTS it worked OK.

3. the timing of showing of the serial number (in the Log mode) is wrong - to 
late. There is no difference between Log and S&P mode. i.e. after type in of 
the call of the station calling me and after pressing of the blanc bar the 
cursor jumps to the report field but my serial number is not shown. The 
serial number is shown until I enter the serial number of the other station 
and press the Enter key. For the S&P is this behavior OK but not for Log 

Are this the errors or am I wrong?

73s de Franta/DJ0ZY

P.S.: Please write in the specification (bold!) the functionality (necessity) 
of ":" after the start of the program. The hint after the start on the screen 
is shown to shortly and I spent a lot of time to find out how I should switch 
from cluster to the logging :-(

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