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[Tlf-devel] TLF + gMFSK + SPDX RTTY

From: Ed
Subject: [Tlf-devel] TLF + gMFSK + SPDX RTTY
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 20:20:45 -0400
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I was only able to make 40 QSO's due to band conditions and family. After I sorted out and configured the F keys to my liking I tried both Run and S&P. TLF with gMFSK worked just fine, with few problems, mostly operator error. Hopefully XTLF will also include RTTY contesting support. I have a few suggestions,pointers that I hope will be considered or be of some help.

1, Consider using Dave's W1HKJ hacked version of .7pre1 as this provides a way to lock the transmit and allows use of AFC without the TX following. As it is now, you really cannot use AFC as the TX follows and you can easily "dance" up and down the band.

2. Allow F1 to send the CQ in Run, without the autocq function.

3. Some older RTTY contest programs look for a "de" before the call, I found no way to do this. I changed the call parameter in the logcfg to call= mycall twice, to be able to send it twice in S&P.

4. Please keep the enter sends message as I prefer to use neither the mouse or F keys.

5. I really did not see an advantage to using the miniterm. Most of the time I didn't know whether to follow it or gMFSK. I guess it is a matter of choice.

6. Here is a tip I found around the net, that may of be of some use to newbies as myself. If you are using Debian or a Debian based distro the following may help you compiling an app from source.

apt-get build-dep tlf gmfsk

this will bring in all that is needed to compile both, with the exception of libstdc++5 which must be specific to the PSKmailserver version of gMFSK.

7. Just in case it isn't obvious, "backspace" disables the F1 help in Gnome terminal.

I hope this is of some use and the suggestions evaluated for possible inclusion in newer releases of TLF with gMFSK.


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