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Re: [Tlf-devel] Testing Xtlf-1.0.0alpha

From: Rein Couperus PA0R
Subject: Re: [Tlf-devel] Testing Xtlf-1.0.0alpha
Date: Mon, 08 May 2006 23:02:37 +0200

Well, just install the missing bits (make your system complete)...


Here is the complete procedure for Mandriva 2006 as described by SM0RWO:

1. Install hamlib by downloading hamlib 1.2.0 from sourceforge and do a
"urpmi hamlib-1.2.0-1.i386.rpm"

7. The following steps require cpan, if that is missing then enter
"urpmi perl-devel"
8. cpan ExtUtils::Depends
9. cpan ExtUtils::PkgConfig
10. urpmi libglademm2.4
11. urpmi libglade2.0_0-devel
12. urpmi perl-Gtk2-GladeXML

Perform steps 1-4 and 7-13 as root, steps 5-6 should be performed as the
user account that will later be used to run the system.

Try to run and see if anything is missing, if so then trace what to
download from the error message, then find the module name at

The complete procedure for UBUNTU-5.10 on my machine:

install gcc, autoconf, automake, gnu make (build essentials).
install libglade-2.0-dev from synaptic
>From your home directory:
sudo cpan ExtUtils::Depends
cd ~/.cpan/build/ExtUtils-Depends-0.205

cd ~
sudo cpan ExtUtils::PkgConfig
cd ~/.cpan/build/ExtUtils-PkgConfig-1.07

cd ~
sudo cpan Gtk2::GladeXML
cd ~/.cpan/build/Gtk2-GladeXML-1.005

That should work. If not, ask somebody with the same distro you use...


Rein PA0R

PS: We just did a clean test install on a new UBUNTU 5.10 system. It
took 10 minutes. We had the following problems:

* Forgot to install xdx
* Hardcoded path to .xdx in line 1691 of               

my $line = `tail -n 1 /home/rein/.xdx/dxspots`; 
-> must be ~/.xdx/dxspots`;

* Preferences: change the home directory in the file names to ~/
* Logfiles: change the home directory in the log file names to ~/

That is all for the moment....

Have fun!!

On Mon, 2006-05-08 at 12:32 -0700, Ernest wrote:
> Won't run here. Perl dependency problems.
> Gtk won't install, missing 'gtk-config'.
> Gtk2 won't install, missing Gtk.
> Xtlf requires Gtk2.

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