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Re: [Tlf-devel] XTLF and Fedora Core 5

From: Alexandru Csete
Subject: Re: [Tlf-devel] XTLF and Fedora Core 5
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 14:42:32 +0200

On Sat, 29 Jul 2006 11:45:40 +0200 Petr Hlozek <address@hidden> wrote:
> much! I don't have time study difrencies between Ubuntu and Fedora
> and convert deb packages to rpm. I spend with xtlf a few days. But
> without succes. Every time. I don't know Perl but, is possible to
> create one binary file? This problem with missing modules and files
> is horrible!


A binary package wouldn't help you much in this situation, since you
would still need to install the Perl bindings for Gtk+ (and others) for
your distibution.

I saw something called


in the fedora 5 extras repository.
Just install all perl-* packages and you should be quite safe for a
while ;-)

> 73! de Petr, OK2CQR

Alex OZ9AEC 

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