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Re: [Tlf-devel] New TLF prelease tlf-1.1pre1

From: Andy Summers
Subject: Re: [Tlf-devel] New TLF prelease tlf-1.1pre1
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2011 21:02:17 +0100
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Hi again Tom,

Thanks for the reply. I think you misunderstood what I was saying about the ctrl-g problem. I'm adding different calls on different frequencies, not the same call on different frequencies. From your explanation I was expecting to be able to cycle through the spots by repeatedly hitting ctrl-g.

I think I've figured out what's happening. If you tune the rig just below the frequency of a spot then hit ctrl-g it grabs that spot. Hitting ctrl-g again without retuning the rig just picks the same spot. Tune the rig HF a little and then when you hit ctrl-g it goes to the next spot. So I imagine you have some logic in there something like:

for (i = 0, i < noOfSpots) {
   if (currentFreq <= SpotFreq(i)) {

Which can never get beyond the current frequency. I've also discovered that when you make it select the highest frequency spot, you can make it reverse direction and then actually work properly down to the lowest frequency spot if you tune the rig slightly below the highest spot immediately after you reach it.

I tested the '#' feature. Works OK here. One thing: I noticed that going back to logging mode ('+') whilst you have a call still in the entry field causes the F3 exchange message to be sent, despite CTCOMPATIBLE being commented-out in the local logcfg.dat file. According to the manual it shouldn't do this.

I checked the behaviour of ':res' with the bandmap and deleted QSO's - all OK.

Once again, thanks for your efforts, Tom.

73 Andy, G4KNO.

On 25/10/11 05:32, Thomas Beierlein wrote:
Hi Andy,

thanks for your test report. Let me try to answer your questions.

Am Mon, 24 Oct 2011 20:25:10 +0100
schrieb Andy Summers<address@hidden>:
Thanks for the new bandmap functions. I've been trying it out with a
view to dabbling in CQWW - I'm aware it may not be stable.

I did some work in last weeks to  stabilize it and I think pre2 will be
much better there.

I've read the New_Bandmap.txt and don't think it works as described
there. If I enter a call, press ctrl-A, I see it added to the
bandmap. I tune somewhere else and do the same thing. I can do this
several times and see the calls added, but when I repeatedly hit
ctrl-g it only picks the most recent spot.
You are right, that is what is implemented. My idea behind that was
that you normally only have one spot of a station per band and mode. If
you filter your bandmap by mode or band Ctrl-g will select the right

Are there reasonable scenarios where we have would need to select
between more than one spot per band/mode for the same station? Than I
should think about a way to handle it.
Also, I see that a MEM frequency appears under the normal frequency
display, but you don't say how to get the rig back onto that
frequency. Simply switching mode back to Log, doesn't do it.

The memory recall is the same as in normal memory operation. As the man
page says hitting '#' records frequency if memory is empty and recalls
it if it is set. So after grabing a spot you can switch back to Run
mode by '+' and to old frequency by '#'.

It would be quite useful to be able to arrow up/down the spot list
and select the specific spot you want, rather than have to scroll
through the lot to get to the one you want. It's a long time since I
used CT, but it might be worth studying how that worked. I do
remember that you could toggle alt-F4 (or was it F3) to toggle
between the selected spot and the current run frequency. That was
really useful for continuing to CQ, keep your frequency warm and
periodically check back to see if the spot was workable.

I see the point and will think about to implement something similar. But
it will be at low priority at the moment.

BTW, the score or frequency window overlaps the new spot mode info
and doesn't look right.

The score window will be in the upper right in next prerelase (just did
it yesterday :-) ). As the frequency window is only temporarily visible
it may hide the bandmap for that time - should be acceptable.

Am Mon, 24 Oct 2011 20:28:04 +0100
schrieb Andy Summers<address@hidden>:

I also forgot to mention that if you log a call but then hit minus to
delete the last QSO, that call shows up in the bandmap as a dupe.

Same as for correcting the score after delete, see below...

On 07/10/11 18:54, Thomas Beierlein wrote:
    !!! If you delete a QSO you have to manually rescore the log

Btw, I plan to release the next prerelease version in next two week.

73, de Tom DL1JBE.

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