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[Tlf-devel] Patch for 40 meter band edges

From: Ben Coleman NJ8J
Subject: [Tlf-devel] Patch for 40 meter band edges
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2011 01:34:05 -0400
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I compiled tlf 1.1pre2 earlier today, was testing it out, and found that
when switching to 40 meters, tlf was not changing to 40, even though the
correct frequency was showing.  Turns out the 40 meter frequency I was
checking to was between 7200 and 7300 khz, and tlf wasn't recognizing it
as a 40 meter frequency when switching to it (but it was recognized at
startup).  Looks like the problem is incorrect band-edges specified for
40 in gettxinfo.c.  Attached  is a patch for this.

Ben Coleman address@hidden
 "I love the way Microsoft follows standards.  In much the
same manner that fish follow migrating caribou."
                                            Paul Tomblin

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