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Re: [Tlf-devel] New TLF prelease tlf-1.1pre1

From: Fred Siegmund
Subject: Re: [Tlf-devel] New TLF prelease tlf-1.1pre1
Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2011 21:47:27 +0100
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Hello everyone, i hope you all had a enjoyable CQWW weekend. I had, despite a hard time with 100W + dipole.
Anyway, with just pressing F-keys SSB is acceptable, hi..

Am 29.10.2011 18:03, schrieb Thomas Beierlein:
Hi Fred, hi Andy,

just got time to look into it:

1. VKSPR and VKCWR are badly named. THey should be VKSPM (S&P message)
and VKCQM (CQ message). I will rename it in next prerelease accordingto
the manual.
I find "VKSPR" now in the rules file for the CQWW. It can be called VKSPM. What i find not to be working
is "ph_message[12]" in logit.c, which is behind this variable.

2. In SSB mode pressing enter log the QSO immediately without any
following messages.
Thats a error in my eyes if VKSPR(VKSPM) is defined.
Before tlf-0.9.23 it sent the VKSPM or VKCQM. That got changed by Rein
with that version. I do not know why! But we can revert the change in a
very simple way. If you do not define the filename in logcfg.dat it
will not send anything. So you can decide on your own how you like it.
Yes, its very good that anyone can comment it out in the rules file if not wanted.

A real bug in connection with the bandmap is the following:
If a call is entered, the program finds the CQ zone automatically and puts it in. Cool. But this does not work in connection with the bandmap. There seems to be a wrong variable from a last QSO in it. Not good. If you delete the last letter from the catched callsign and press "space" the mechanism works again. Maybe it can
be activated for bandmap QSOs as well.

One undocumented? feature i found in connection with the frequency window. If you press PG-UP/DWN QRG is altered by + or - 500Hz. That great for me because i control my remote station entirely from TLF. 100Hz tuning steps
is a bit too small for SSB :-)

Best 73 de Fred DM3F

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