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[Tlf-devel] WAEDC Summary - where are we going?

From: Ervin Hegedüs
Subject: [Tlf-devel] WAEDC Summary - where are we going?
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2015 23:26:46 +0200
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Hello there,

there was the WAE CW, my favourite contest. I've really enjoyed
it, I've made 270 QSO, and 740 QTC. I gained a lot of experience,
how could we develop Tlf, what is the right way.

Here are some remark, and I would like to discuss with you, what
is your idea?

- bandmap general: the bandmap is small :)
  we can't change the window size, so the bandmap stay as is now,
  but it could be better to shift columns left or right
  Alternate solution colud be an external bandmap window, which
  is size-independ, and communicates with Tlf throug some channel
  (socket, shared mem, tcp (xml-rpc), ...)

- QTC's mark on bandmap: not bad, but some info's missing
  now, if I made a QTC with a station, then the number of
  received QTC are visible near to the callsign; if the number is
  10, you can see a "Q" (or "q"), elsewhere you see the exact
  Here, I think it _need_ to store somehow, if the station:
  - absolutely doesn't send QTC ("NO QTC", and it send more
  - stations send "LATER", "NO QSO", or any message, which
    indicates, it will be send QTC, but not now

  question: how can we mark this stations?
  I found out, than OP opens QTC window, and callsign field is
  filled, then it can be mark with some keys, eg ALT-F1/ALT-F2

  Next, how could be show these stations on bandmap? The "Q" sig
  (or "q") is busy... May be the "N" (NO QTC) and "L" (LATER)
  would be good... I don't have any idea yet.

- the new request feature is affects in "Worked" window too. Now
  you can see the number of QTC's (or "Q") near to callsign in
  worked window, but if it not on the bandmap, then this is a
  very useful and important info

- QTC's grab on bandmap: not good
  if there is a station on bandmap, which you already had QSO,
  but you have less, than 10 QTC, then the callsign is lowercae,
  and the color is black - that means, you've already had QSO,
  but the CTRL+G jumps over these stations

  It could be better that if a callsign is on bandmap, and you've
  already QSO with it, BUT you've marked it as "QSO LATER" OR you
  have less, than 10 QTC, then CTRL+G will not jump over

- QTC record: indispensable feature with small deficit
  I think the record is pretty good. The automatic start and stop
  trigger are work as well, but I think, it need to show
  somewhere, if the record is started. And it need to start and
  stop it as manually.

  My idea is, if the recording is active, then somewhere in Tlf
  window, there would be a blanking red text, eg "REC".
  In QTC window, then could be star and stop the record, eg. with
  ALT+F3 and ALT+F4.

  What do you think about this?

- QTC handling: too strict?
  Now the flow of receiving of QTC is very strict: you can't go
  away, if a field is not complete. The order of fields is

  May be if somebody wants (optionally), and configure recording
  (automatically or manually - see above), then this severity
  is not required - if the OP hears the QTC as well, but
  something has happened, and could't fill the field (eg. sender
  is too fast - but clear), then just mark the line as
  "pseudo-right", and confirms the QTC block. Eg., if somebody
  just press ENTER 10 times, but all fields are empty, then it's
  no problem - the recorded audio file contains the info, and the
  superfast QTC sender is happy :)

  What's your idea?

So, here are several questions, please think about it, if you
interest to it, and let me share your ideas!

73, Ervin

I � UTF-8

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