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Re: [Tlf-devel] WAEDC Summary - where are we going?

From: Fred Siegmund
Subject: Re: [Tlf-devel] WAEDC Summary - where are we going?
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2015 09:13:38 +0200

I think the most important works have to be done in the bandmap. And may be 
make qtc input a bit less strict, so that you can see where the missing fields 

73 Fred

Am 14.08.2015 23:26 schrieb Ervin Hegedüs <address@hidden>:
> Hello there,
> there was the WAE CW, my favourite contest. I've really enjoyed
> it, I've made 270 QSO, and 740 QTC. I gained a lot of experience,
> how could we develop Tlf, what is the right way.
> Here are some remark, and I would like to discuss with you, what
> is your idea?
> - bandmap general: the bandmap is small :)
>   we can't change the window size, so the bandmap stay as is now,
>   but it could be better to shift columns left or right
>   Alternate solution colud be an external bandmap window, which
>   is size-independ, and communicates with Tlf throug some channel
>   (socket, shared mem, tcp (xml-rpc), ...)
> - QTC's mark on bandmap: not bad, but some info's missing
>   now, if I made a QTC with a station, then the number of
>   received QTC are visible near to the callsign; if the number is
>   10, you can see a "Q" (or "q"), elsewhere you see the exact
>   number.
>   Here, I think it _need_ to store somehow, if the station:
>   - absolutely doesn't send QTC ("NO QTC", and it send more
>     times)
>   - stations send "LATER", "NO QSO", or any message, which
>     indicates, it will be send QTC, but not now
>   question: how can we mark this stations?
>   I found out, than OP opens QTC window, and callsign field is
>   filled, then it can be mark with some keys, eg ALT-F1/ALT-F2
>   Next, how could be show these stations on bandmap? The "Q" sig
>   (or "q") is busy... May be the "N" (NO QTC) and "L" (LATER)
>   would be good... I don't have any idea yet.
> - the new request feature is affects in "Worked" window too. Now
>   you can see the number of QTC's (or "Q") near to callsign in
>   worked window, but if it not on the bandmap, then this is a
>   very useful and important info
> - QTC's grab on bandmap: not good
>   if there is a station on bandmap, which you already had QSO,
>   but you have less, than 10 QTC, then the callsign is lowercae,
>   and the color is black - that means, you've already had QSO,
>   but the CTRL+G jumps over these stations
>   It could be better that if a callsign is on bandmap, and you've
>   already QSO with it, BUT you've marked it as "QSO LATER" OR you
>   have less, than 10 QTC, then CTRL+G will not jump over
> - QTC record: indispensable feature with small deficit
>   I think the record is pretty good. The automatic start and stop
>   trigger are work as well, but I think, it need to show
>   somewhere, if the record is started. And it need to start and
>   stop it as manually.
>   My idea is, if the recording is active, then somewhere in Tlf
>   window, there would be a blanking red text, eg "REC".
>   In QTC window, then could be star and stop the record, eg. with
>   ALT+F3 and ALT+F4.
>   What do you think about this?
> - QTC handling: too strict?
>   Now the flow of receiving of QTC is very strict: you can't go
>   away, if a field is not complete. The order of fields is
>   mandatory.
>   May be if somebody wants (optionally), and configure recording
>   (automatically or manually - see above), then this severity
>   is not required - if the OP hears the QTC as well, but
>   something has happened, and could't fill the field (eg. sender
>   is too fast - but clear), then just mark the line as
>   "pseudo-right", and confirms the QTC block. Eg., if somebody
>   just press ENTER 10 times, but all fields are empty, then it's
>   no problem - the recorded audio file contains the info, and the
>   superfast QTC sender is happy :)
>   What's your idea?
> So, here are several questions, please think about it, if you
> interest to it, and let me share your ideas!
> 73, Ervin
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