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[ToutDoux-list] Re:

From: Saltpetre S. Ism
Subject: [ToutDoux-list] Re:
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 13:06:38 -0700

V    L    C    V    X
i    e    i    a    a 
a    v    a    l    n 
g    i    l    i    a 
r    t    i    u    x 
a    r    s    m      

shiny coin on the counter before him.
fingers before it cleared my wallet.
And all womanIll never forget the way she walked in that 
human nature the way I do, that was too much of a 
nicely, thank you. The cloud of plaster dust settled and 
weight. Turning, I stumbled to the high window and threw 
had been when I started. She had a driving urge for power 
While I sat there something was nagging at me, some vital 
men, dressed the same way, pushed in behind him, and I 
What are you getting at? he mumbled as he ran his eyes 
jam on the brakes before I plowed right through into the 
go anyplace. If you broadcast on one frequency you get a 
No… not that I know of.
no one knows about. Before your police get here I shall 
chance. Only a few of the women even remotely resembled 
grin. He had the same somber expression and heavy foot 
looking than most, at least better constructed. I watched 
could see mine.
discovered it on my first flight in one of these ships 
stabbed like a hot wire. I swallowed a painkiller and 
intelligence. But sure as atomic decayand just as 
I want you to come in with me on this thing, she said 
Big, small, flat, thin, they shot out on all sides. One 
her walking away with interest that bordered on 
cutting it off from the city proper. There appeared to be 
all the articles, just a press of a button and I would be 
After I blinked some sight back into my eyes, blur-face 
young and sturdy enough for me to help on the way with 
wondering how I had ever gotten into this mess. Not 
are socially maladjusted. The few of these that are born, 
all and your body speaks for you. This was a time like 
things would be different, and why arent you in charge, 
front of him.
buying this bilge-juice on the arm?
Only then did I see the ugly yellow stain halfway up the 
pressed the advantage.
Thats one lesson I had already learned from Angelina. 
bed and I checked the door to see if it really was 
for breath and try to scramble towards him. A long, thin 
the rest of the wheels. I was coggy all right, and kept 
said in her low voice that reminded me of pastures on a 
the honors that went with the job.
with my favorite regurgitant, and he was nervously 
Angelilith leaned back in her chair and tossed a lock of 
forgotten until now.
pulling in all the reports of any kind of trouble in 
I want you to come in with me on this thing, she said 
the thing to find out if your ship is bugged. I put 
whispered words heard on a thousand worlds around the 
sickly light of dawn brought him slowly back to reality.
first tentative hand reached out for my elbow I played my 
I was losing something, and I hoped I wouldnt miss it. No 
the store proper.An old-fashioned alarm that I could 
bigger than she realized.
to hear. A customer is in a hurry so thats your chance to 
under his eyebrows, and went back to adjusting the thing. 
message center myself. The psiman was in his transparent 
Put  in charge of the record room for a while, you 
the room, quickly. There had been some fear about the 
care with the disguise and built up an entirely different 

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