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[ToutDoux-list] Health for everybody

From: Sheepish S. Wrongfulness
Subject: [ToutDoux-list] Health for everybody
Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2006 05:41:16 -0700

The most powerful medicines for you!

Augmetin - $4.8 - FDA-approved antibiotic for both acute bacterial sinusitis 
(ABS) and community-acquired pneumonia (CAP). 

Pure Natural Hoodia - $35.99 - Pure Natural Hoodia is a natural weght loss pill 
containing Hoodia Gordoni extract. 

Pheromone cologne for men - $35.99 - The human pheromones that attracts females 
has finally been recreated in the laboratory! Naturally found in minute amounts 
in the perspiration of men, these natural pheromones are an evolutionary 
remnant from a time when human females relied on scent to locate male mates. 

Testosterone - $7.5 - a steroid hormone from the androgen group. Testosterone 
is secreted in the testes of men and the ovaries of women. 

Ginseng - $35.99 - used to improve the body's resistance to stress and to 
increase vitality. 

and more!

our site

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