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[ToutDoux-list] Sample Pack

From: Jets R. Televises
Subject: [ToutDoux-list] Sample Pack
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2006 03:42:58 -0500

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Inskipp would have to be given the latest information at once. I would just have to do without them. Another locked door opened into the warehouse. There were some reassuring thumps as the guards there droned over the bags of change. What this ship was, and where she went in it, was a complete mystery. Of course there were secondary tasks, such as ordering a Naval cruiser for my own use, and digging for more information on the thieves, but these really were secondary to my main purpose. What a waste! The only intelligent woman I had ever run across. My fingers moved of their own volition and took the cigar, my lips clenched it and my lungs sucked it into life.

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