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Re: Tramp ftp

From: Anakreon Mendis
Subject: Re: Tramp ftp
Date: 12 Jan 2006 13:11:33 +0200
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Michael Albinus writes:
 > Anakreon Mendis <address@hidden> writes:
 > Hi,
 > for better analysis, it would be helpful to know the Tramp and Emacs
 > versions.
Emacs:21.4.1 (debian)
 > > I tried to open a remote file via ftp.
 > > The url I used is:
 > > /ftp:address@hidden:21:apache/www/index.php
 > "/ftp:address@hidden:apache/www/index.php" should be the correct
 > syntax (given that the directory "apache" is located at the FTP
 > root). You can check it more simple with "/ftp:address@hidden:/".
I tried the second url you suggested.
It asks for password then in the input buffer is sugested
that I should use C-u M-x make-directory and the buffer
where dired would display the files is empty.

When I connect with cmd ftp all is fine except this:
If I call dir, folder apache is  not displayed but
command cd apache is sucessfull.
The ftp server runs on NT computer.
 > > I tried to uninstall tramp so ange-ftp will handle the
 > > file.
 > > This didn't work with an error message that a tramp file
 > > was required.
 > When Tramp is installed, it removes ange-ftp specific entries from
 > `file-name-handler-alist'. This is not restored when Tramp is removed,
 > so there are some problems, indeed.
Perhaps this should be concidered as a bug.
 > > The question is:
 > > 1:How can I solve this problem with tramp
 > See above. Likely ports shouldn't be necessary.
 > > 2:How can I convince emacs to use ange-ftp instead of tramp
 > > for the file
 > With the "ftp:" method, as you did. When you want to use only
 > ange-ftp, you might put the following line into your .emacs:
 >   (setq tramp-default-method "ftp")
This is not a solution actiually.
I need tramp to connect to other servers via ssh
 > Best regards, Michael.
Thanks Michael
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