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[tunnel-list] re [2]:

From: Murray Hutchinson
Subject: [tunnel-list] re [2]:
Date: Sat, 04 Feb 2006 15:37:22 -0600

So it was. let's part friends Firefighters May 14th, 1981 — long illness.

Could you let me in on — Then it came, it came at once, the way all the really ideas came, rounded and smooth and utterly persuasive in its baleful perfection. ""Ribbon-ink will blur, too,»he said. fayunnnn red everrrrrythinggg umberrrrr whunnnn Sometimes the sounds stopped. "I just cannot believe the guts this Sheldon kid is displaying today! Was it seven? Whenever the Camaro stole into his mind, he immediately called the Brain Police and had the thought led away in handcuffs and leg-irons. Then she twisted the nozzle off and walked back along the hose's length, looping it over her arm. ??????

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