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[tunnel-list] Your girl is waiting for this!

From: Gnatko Angel
Subject: [tunnel-list] Your girl is waiting for this!
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 08:35:01 +0000

All real machos do that! What are you waiting for?!

No more throttle back with chicks!

After our upgrade you will hump not like a dead rabbit,
but like a real stallion - one, two or 3 hours NON-Stoping,
and you don't need to recharge your balls!
Beleive me, all that girls want is a hardy ramrod and
hours of real desire!

Make a perfect gift for yourself and for all
your girls - more genuine desire for less money!

More info here: http://wittier.net

No bullshit. The magic stuff will be shipped in an hour after
placing your order. What if doesn't work? Really impossible,
but we'll REFUND ALL your money.

PS: This stuff is very effective against sterility or oligospermia.
Absolutely no side-effects.

fdvnbwroidckgjhsdfjkhff iumrmrljlklolghilimolhllkimpmpmnmfmllrijmjltmp

    'Doctor,' asked the shaken Ryukhin in a whisper, ' is he really ill?'
    'Oh yes,' replied the doctor.
    'Then what's the matter with him?' enquired Rvukhin timidly.
    The exhausted doctor looked at Ryukhin and answered wearily:
    'Overstimulation  of the motor  nerves  and  speech  centres  .  .  .
delirious  illusions. . .  . Obviously a complicated case.  Schizophrenia, I
should think . . . touch of alcoholism, too. . . .'
    Ryukhin  understood  nothing of this, except that Ivan  Nikolayich  was
obviously in poor shape. He sighed and asked :
    'What was that he said about some professor? '

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