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Re: dynamic clauses in gprolog

From: James_Dean
Subject: Re: dynamic clauses in gprolog
Date: Tue, 8 May 2001 19:16:26 -0400

I think you need to make 'pred' dynamic.
The assertion of pred(A,B) is failing because pred(a,b) already exists, and
thus a static predicate
is being redefined.  If you make it dynamic, it should work ok.

:- dynamic(pred/2).

I believe there was another conversation on this recently.

- Jim

Tia Watts <address@hidden> on 05/08/2001 10:47:20 AM

Sent by:  address@hidden

To:   address@hidden
cc:    (bcc: James Dean/CAM/Lotus)
Subject:  dynamic clauses in gprolog

I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to declare a predicate as dynamic in
gprolog - Would someone be able to supply me with some examples?

Here is what I have been trying:

Given a .pl file that contains:


    makepred(A,B) :- assertz(pred(A,B)).

If I load this file and enter:

    | ?- makepred(c,d).

I receive the error message:

    uncaught exception:

Thank you for any insights you can provide!

Tia Watts

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