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Re: Error al compilar.

From: Cesar Rabak
Subject: Re: Error al compilar.
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2006 16:14:43 -0300
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Manuel Enrique escreveu:

Realmente agradecería cualquier ayuda, necesito usar este compilador de prolog para vincularlo con C++ Builder.

I'm not sure it will be straightforward to use this version of gprolog with C++ Builder.

Also you'll probably need to work a litle in the configuration scripts for having it compiled with C++ Builder, which would make the integration easier.

OTOH, I made a port of GNU Prolog version 1.2.18 with Mingw which allows to use all the GNU toolset (especially the compiler and linker) easing the use of mixed languages.

Technically is 'beta' software, but is being used in some places in the world.

I understand the mods done in the sources are in this and later versions (am I correct Daniel?) so they're available to anyone willing to compile themselves.


Cesar Rabak
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