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[VCDImager-GUI-devel] Re: Questions and stuff about the VCDXBuild/VCDIma

From: Laurens Koehoorn
Subject: [VCDImager-GUI-devel] Re: Questions and stuff about the VCDXBuild/VCDImager
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 17:05:55 +0100


> >BTW. I create the XML completely my self, without using any parser.
> >The parser would for me aspecially interesting for importing XML , not
> >exporting which I already "manually" do.
> That's how my gui (VCD Composer) works as well; reads the saved XML using
> MSXML3, and then stores the data using my own routines.
> (I have each element of the VCD represented as an object, i.e.
> VCDSegementItem, ..., which each are inherited from VCDElement, which
> contains a virtual function called GetXML, which returns a CString with
> XML for this particular element.)

Well, my routines are similar, but a bit more complicater.
My app (VCDwizard, soon hosted at DVDlab) is completely free. But currently
I'm working with the 2nd release, while the first wasn't stable and not
As soon this 2nd release has left the beta status, I will publish the
sources of the 1st release into the public-domain (the 1st release is
somekind of basis for this final 2nd release). -- Just for if you want to
see how I did it [;-)].

But because each sub-element of the Selection, Play and Endlist are similar,
I've 1 object which is the same for all these sub-elements. Only through an
enum-type my app knows with which type it's dealing at run-time.
So are almost all other xml-items declared in my app, therefore I don't need
to write the same xml-procedure over-and-over again but instead I use it for
all types (inheritance). Strings as "<bsn>"..."</bsn>" are predeclared in a
string-table, so they're not filling the memory at runtime. Also when such
an item changes in the futere, or I made a typo-error in the tag, I just
have to replace the string in the string-table instead of searching for it
through all the sources.

I'll need the parser, because the user has the possibility to modify the
created XML (by my app) before VCDxBuild is called, but even when VCDxBuild
is not called but another sub-item has been added/changed via the app, I
need to know what was modified/added manually by the user, so his/her
changes won't be lost when VCDxBuild will be called finaly...

Thanks for your help !
Laurens Koehoorn

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