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[Vllab-discuss] a couple of questions--

From: Gerall Kahla
Subject: [Vllab-discuss] a couple of questions--
Date: 19 Feb 2002 21:06:00 -0600
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I'm really interested in this project.  Thanks for putting it up on
Savannah and making it available.  There are a number of artificial
life projects on the Internet, but few that are Free Software.  I
think this could open up the field to general interest.  Thanks

Now, those questions:

1) is there something I can do to help get the code into CVS?


2) How does the original author feel about artificial life in general?
   (For example, there are people who feel that alife creatures are
   actual life unto themselves regardless of their medium and makeup.)

Thanks for your time and attention.  I look forward to more traffic on
this list...  Best regards.

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