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Website-only commit rights.

From: Jeff Bailey
Subject: Website-only commit rights.
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2001 05:54:35 -0800
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I've got the ongoing question about web-only commit rights again.  But this 
time I have a proposal...

Are you guys willing to setup a ``webhurd'' project for us (obviously
I'll go through all the steps on savannah to get it created) and
modify it so that its output goes to /software/hurd.  Then modify the
``hurd'' project so that its output goes to, er... /dev/null or
somewhere else equally relevant?

We've got a byunch of cool volunteers who want to do stuff ont he
website, and I'm hindering them by not being responsive.

If this doesn't work for you, do you have any other suggestions?

Jeff Bailey

`Patience' said Slartibartfast again. `Great things are afoot'.
`That's what you said last time we met' said Arthur.
`They were,' said Slartibartfast.
`Yes, that's true,' admitted Arthur.

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