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Web site rights...

From: Jeff Bailey
Subject: Web site rights...
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 20:01:26 -0800
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We now have the ability to give people rights to the web site, without
giving rights to the source tree.

I have made sure that anyone who currently has write access to the
Hurd tree has write access to the web repository.

I assume that for now, I'm the one organizing the web presence for
Hurd.  I do want to give people who care to do a good job direct write
access to the web pages, so that I'm not a bottleneck.

Jim Franklin and some others did a bunch of work over the summer.  I
haven't been able to reach him.  Does anyone have any of that?  I'd
hate for it to go to waste.

`Patience' said Slartibartfast again. `Great things are afoot'.
`That's what you said last time we met' said Arthur.
`They were,' said Slartibartfast.
`Yes, that's true,' admitted Arthur.

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