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Newsletter: Something for Everyone ! 77296

From: radical
Subject: Newsletter: Something for Everyone ! 77296
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 01:27:05 -0500

The Hottest Sites on the Net - Something for Everyone !

Check this out: http://virginbest.com

This is a great newsletter for good people.  I found this site, 
http://virginbest.com while I was looking for excellent adult material.  And 
let me tell you, that this is one of the BEST sites around.  They have 
_EVERYTHING_, teen sluts getting banged in all holes, all positions, and all 
likings.  Old ladies, young ladies,big tits, little tits, nice ass, big ass, 
EVERYTHING!  And their damn movie collection is the bomb.  They have ALL 
original and UNIQUE content, if you take the time to look at the page: 
http://virginbest.com you will know what i'm talkin about.  

So, get your hand out of your pants and signup for some real good quality adult 
material, then put it back down again cuz you'll know what i'm talkin about :)

Tell your friends too, the site is: http://virginbest.com

Remove instructions below:
In English:
We apologize sincerely if you've received this message in error.  Often, when 
people subscribe to our newsletter they may enter wrong addresses, or addresses 
of their friends and others. Because of this, we ask that you visit 
http://virginbest.com/cgi/WWCnotify.pl to remove yourself from our newsletter.  
We will _NOT_ email you again if you remove your email address. Because email 
is still not as reliable as web, we ask that you only go to 
http://virginbest.com/cgi/WWCnotify.pl to remove yourself and not respond to 
this mail.


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