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Re: [Wesnoth-dev] open bug overview, 20050322

From: Susanna Björverud
Subject: Re: [Wesnoth-dev] open bug overview, 20050322
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 09:38:26 +0100

Hej allesammans,
2005-03-22 kl. 00.17 skrev ott:

 9432 [UI] Mac-standard shortcuts not working in windowed mode

This seems to relate to the many feature requests about better keyboard
handling or less reliance on the mouse.  Keyboard handling from the
main menu is currently feature request #11170, perhaps these can
be consolidated?

This one is bordering on a feature request. Any comments from Mac users?

I thought I answered this one last time. The bug is that the menus in windowed mode claim that there are shortcuts, but these do not work. Preferably the shortcuts should be made to work, but lacking that, at least the short cut tip should be removed from the menus.


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