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www/licenses license-list.html

From: Brett Smith
Subject: www/licenses license-list.html
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2007 15:52:11 +0000

CVSROOT:        /web/www
Module name:    www
Changes by:     Brett Smith <brett>     07/03/02 15:52:11

Modified files:
        licenses       : license-list.html 

Log message:
        Update SIL name/URL to version 1.1.
        Since the same commentary applies to both versions, I decided to just 
        one entry for the license, and keep the language version-neutral for 
        If someone gets confused by this, we can consider another approach, like
        maybe splitting it out like the Apache or Python licenses, but I'd be
        surprised if it did come up.


Index: license-list.html
RCS file: /web/www/www/licenses/license-list.html,v
retrieving revision 1.173
retrieving revision 1.174
diff -u -b -r1.173 -r1.174
--- license-list.html   23 Feb 2007 14:46:44 -0000      1.173
+++ license-list.html   2 Mar 2007 15:52:04 -0000       1.174
@@ -1441,8 +1441,8 @@
 GPL. Its normal use is for fonts, and in that use, the
 incompatibility does not cause a problem.</p></dd>
-<dt><a href="http://scripts.sil.org/OFL";>
-    SIL Open Font License 1.0</a></dt>
+<dt><a href="http://scripts.sil.org/OFL_web";>
+    SIL Open Font License 1.1</a></dt>
 <p>The Open Font License is a free copyleft license for fonts.  Its only
 unusual requirement is that fonts be distributed with some computer
@@ -1533,7 +1533,7 @@
 <!-- timestamp start -->
-$Date: 2007/02/23 14:46:44 $
+$Date: 2007/03/02 15:52:04 $
 <!-- timestamp end -->

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