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[Chinese-authors] Re: 911 VALLthUM

From: Huw Venuti
Subject: [Chinese-authors] Re: 911 VALLthUM
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2006 02:54:03 -0700

M E R \ D i A
C \ A L i S
V A L \ U M
S O M &
L E V \ T R A
V \ A G R A
A M B \ E N
X & N A X
P R O Z & C

good here. Roused by these words they were just about to creep inside
the tunnel when Bifur gave a cry: My cousins! Bombur and Bofur €“ we
have forgotten them, they are down in the valley!
They will be slain, and all our ponies too, and all out stores
lost, moaned the others. We can do nothing.
Nonsense! said Thorin, recovering his dignity. We cannot leave

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