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[Chinese-authors] paragon playmate

From: Andrew Meeks
Subject: [Chinese-authors] paragon playmate
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 14:17:44 -0400

Then he shut off his light, and put it in his pocket. You are, of course, too young to have fought in the war?
They left the car on the road above and descended the steps to the backdoor of Pineview.
Ill go back to the Tavern and get the coroner, while you go and seewhats doing at Pineview. I should not say you devoted muchthought to others. You will denounce me bitterly when I tell you, Chan replied. Quickly he led the sheriff to the locked door on the second floor.
Suppose he is summoned down here to-night toreceive first installment of his wickedly earned money.
Chapter XVITHAT BOY AH SINGAt half past nine, Cash Shannon appeared with the sheriffs launch. OFerrellwas busy in the kitchen, and gave them a cheery greeting. Sam Holt, who had been listening, came up. I guess there aint much doubt hellbe there, waiting for us. You bet Ill be ready, young Beaton cried. He tried thedoor, quietly, and found it locked. Whenit came to brightening the day and atoning for the weather, Cash tooksecond place to no man. A very dull day, indeed, he added, stepping to the windowand gazing out at the dripping pines.
Events of to-night make me certain I must not neglect theladys company longer. It is, my dearSing, the reddest necktie the eyes of man have seen.
Elaboratethe statement, if you will be so good.
You and I, my boy, both walked to-night within three feet of themurderer we so hotly seek. You will denounce me bitterly when I tell you, Chan replied.

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