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[Xnee-devel] [Fwd: AW: AW: [sr #103871] Verifying GUI-Testresults with x

From: Henrik Sandklef
Subject: [Xnee-devel] [Fwd: AW: AW: [sr #103871] Verifying GUI-Testresults with xnee using theTool "xgrabsc"]
Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2006 21:49:03 +0100

--- Begin Message --- Subject: AW: AW: [sr #103871] Verifying GUI-Testresults with xnee using theTool "xgrabsc" Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 07:46:15 +0100
 Hi Henrik,

I have another point to think about for the feature "Verifying
The problem I see is, that the GUI with its subdialogs can be placed on
different coordinates on your screen, e.g. first open on x1, y1 and
second open on x2, y2 or the user moves the window to coordinate x, y
before taking the verification screenshots.

What to do with such user-actions or GUI behavior?

I know, that in the X11-GUItest perl library is a function integrated,
which can handle the windowposition on the screen. That means, in X11
with XTEST-Extension is a chance to move windows to a screenposition

What will we need for this move?

Hm. I think, we should save the windowposition and the windowname while
recording into the sessionfile.
I don't really know the synchronisation functionality of xnee. 
Maybe this is still integrated in xnee and I should record more xevents

What is the effect of this ?

We could change the windowposition automaticly, whenever we need a given
position while replaying and taking ever the same screenshots of our

How can we change the windowposition automaticly?

Read the saved position of window and its name "xxx" from the
Then make automaticly a mousemove (klick on the title of the window
named "xxx" in the top left corner and drag the window) 
to position x, y.

So we can handle the recorded screenshots to ever and ever the same
coordinates on the same window.

I don't think, that the users should give the coordinates to xnee with a
call-parameter (x,y offset).
I think, xnee should record coordinates and names of the windows to
place windows on offset x,y while replaying.

What do you think about that?
Should xnee integrate this functionality? I don't know.

kind regards

Dirk Kaplick

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