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From: Mrs. Hafsat BASMA
Subject: Trust
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 21:38:07 -0400

Dear Sir,

I am Mrs. Hafsat Basma a widow and wife of Mr. Ghassan Basma. While my husband 
was the 
Chairman of defunct Wells Oil Inc, in Liberia, I was a University Lecturer. If 
followed developments in Liberia, you would realize that West Oil Inc was 
responsible for 
all fuel importation, storage and distribution in Liberia between 1997 and mid 

My husband was member of Board of a number of institutions. He never served in 
political position during the Charles Taylor regime but because of his profound 
loyalty to 
the Taylor’s administration, his detractors accused him of handling funds from 
diamond and 
timber sales on behalf of Charles Taylor. My family was then enlisted among 
associates made forced to join Taylor to take refuge in Calabar, Cross River 
State in 
Southern Nigeria as part of an asylum deal offered for the former Liberian 
leader and 
associates to leave office in 2003. We lost everything we lived and worked for; 
our live 
savings, businesses, personal properties etc. to the Liberian people and 

Within a few months of our stay in Calabar, Mr. Basma was riddled with 
protracted illness 
that eventually claimed his live. He was confined into bed for more than 6 
months. He 
could not have access to any good medical care due to we were enlisted under UN 
travel and 
Communication ban we could not seek for medical attention anywhere outside 
Calabar. On the 
17th December, 2004 my husband died leaving me with 2 children of 6 and 9 years.

I have lived a torturous live since we arrived here. While I was trying to get 
over the 
death of my husband, I have also been diagnosed with a chronic liver disease. 
Doctor has 
warned unless I seek medical attention overseas, I have no chance of survival. 
With the 
travel ban imposed on us, how can I travel overseas? I cry all night and have 
not brought 
my condition to the knowledge of my children. 

Presently what is left of the Basmas’ Account is a US$8,000,000.00 currently in 
Deposit Account with an overseas investment bank. The deposit is billed to 
mature in 2006. 
With my health being impaired, I have no alternative than to liquidate this 
deposit in a 
bid to salvage it from loss, may be, when I will be there no more. 

I am making this secretly plea to you as a widow who desperately needs your 
help as a Good 
Samaritan and I ask you to please assist me to receive this deposit from the 
Bank for safe keeping for my children’s sake. This remains the only money this 
family has 
and to save it from loss, I need to transfer the ownership of the fund to a 
trust worthy
person to manage as my children’s guardian. I also want my children to relocate 
and I am 
making arrangement to that effect from here. I am writing this letter with the 
hope that 
you would be able to help.

I agree that you would retain 20% of the entire amount of money. I count on you 
and wait 
eagerly for your response. Thank you for your attention and God bless you.
Yours truly,
Mrs. Hafsat Basma

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