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Your Attention Please(Corporate Attorneys)

From: adamstaylor
Subject: Your Attention Please(Corporate Attorneys)
Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2005 00:58:52 -0500

We are a Law/Financial consulting firm based in the UK. Due to the scope of our 
work, we have affiliations in the corporate field. Our aim of writing you 
amongst others is to bring to your notice our ability to secure contracts in 
the ongoing Iraqi rebuilding process. That is; overseeing bidding with your 
registered company, for a contract in Iraq. 

The caliber of contracts which we have the ability to secure a successful bid, 
would have a profit margin ranging between $1M to $20M, and has an execution 
life span of not more than 30days. The entire process is totally transparent.
Below is brief itemization of the entire process;
1.      Your company would have to be registered with The Central Contractor 
Registration (www.ccr.gov). This is compulsory for all US originated (USAID) 
contracts. Take note that the foundations of rebuilding Iraq are mostly US 
2.      We shall register a branch of your company with the Ministry of Trade 
in Iraq. A visit to the web link 
http://www.iraqcoalition.org/economy/MoT-149.pdf would update you on what the 
registration entails.
3.      We shall thereafter proceed to bid for a contract and through our 
contact, ensure a successful award. Examples of contract tenders on offer can 
be located by ‘searching’ rebuilding Iraq (www.rebuilding–iraq.net) on 
any search engine. Once there, you should “click” on “New 
solicitations” and this would bring you to a list of the present contracts on 
4.      We shall also provide a prospective contractor on ground in Iraq that 
would immediately buy off the contract from you. 

The entire 1 – 4 process would take place within the 45 day period. We are 
equally responsible for acting in a fiduciary capacity for you. We are the ones 
that would be on ground to handle the entire official course of action. For 
your safety, you do not have to set “foot” in Iraq, except you prefer to do 
We believe we have been very comprehensive as it concerns this project. You 
would be astounded at what you would discover if you decide to verify the 
information stated above. Take advantage of the endless contract opportunities 
in Iraq. We are certain that you must have asked yourself why the depth of US 
involvement in Iraq. This is a bona fide project.
We await your swift positive response. We are a credible law firm, hence you 
can be assured that we would emphasize for all processes to be implemented 
rightfully to guarantee a fertile project. 

Contact us at;
77 Deansgate, Manchester, UK.
M3 2BW 

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