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[RE] Jan 15, 2006 Inv Update

From: Katie Chappell
Subject: [RE] Jan 15, 2006 Inv Update
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 1:12:39 +0180

Reminton Ventures Inc. Climbs 42% from $0.63 to $0.89


Yesterays news again sparked interest in RMVN as today they had a huge price 
jump of 
42% in the market. We are very excited as we believe we are about to see a 
of the Jump from $0.51 to $2.10 we had a week ago. The day before the big climb 
had a sharp jump in price following an annoucement of revenue increase.

Seeing this type of price Jump today, Tuesday could go thorough the roof 
again. Read the release below and set your buy for first thing when the market 
Tuesday morning.

Remington Ventures Inc.
Symbol: R M V N
Thursday Close: $0.63
Friday Close: $0.89
Price Increase: 42%
Short Term: $2.25 - $2.50
Status: S t r o n g   B u y 

Read the news below:

This week several market ananysist groups posted profiles concerning RMVN's new 
technology and solid executive team running this inovative company.

Market exposure on this stock combined with recent news releases on the 
of this amazing technology will certainly bring the stock to new levels. Just 
the brief explanation of what this company has developed.

About R M V N:

Remington Ventures Incorporated (OTCPK: RMVN), is a software company
specializing in automated currency trading systems and artificial neural
networks for the currency markets.

The Currency market, also referred to as the Forex or FX market is the largest
financial market in the world, with a daily average turnover of approximately
$1.5 trillion.

R M V N is continuously improving its system to isolate the most predictable 
and lucrative
instrument(s) to trade. Their system's neural network input database can be
designed so that the neural net actually chooses the instrument to trade as well
as the trade parameters.

Some additional features of the the automated currency trading system are:

* Neural network pattern recognition
* Real time economic data input
* Automatic trading
* Proprietary input database structure
* Real time training and prediction
* Designed for single user deployment
* Selectable market and trading routines

For those of you who missed the huge jump a week ago, dont miss it twice, those 
of you 
who got in on the climb, get ready to make some more money!

Good Trading, and see you Tuesday!

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