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Nachshon Draiman, Foreclosures Caused by Rising Energy Costs

From: Blogger Man
Subject: Nachshon Draiman, Foreclosures Caused by Rising Energy Costs
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 00:09:50 -0800 (PST)

Almost daily, you hear news reports about the increasing numbers of homes in foreclosure. What you don't hear reported is how increasing energy costs are so often the cause of this devastating problem.
Are you losing your home because your can't afford to pay your energy bills and your mortgage? If you aren't facing foreclosure can you afford temperature settings that keep you feeling comfortable inside your home?
During the recent U.S. housing boom, builders completed homes quickly. Interest rates were low and investors eager to cash in on high returns on investments. Unless you were knowledgeable about energy-efficient home features and made sure they were included during construction, chances are your new home wastes a lot of energy. It's also likely you don't feel comfortable in your home due to uneven room temperatures, drafts, cold floors, etc.
There was a time when home air conditioning was a luxury. Now it seems more like a necessity. Average temperatures in North America have risen over the last 20 years, remaining high for longer periods and forcing people to turn on air conditioners powered by electricity to survive excessive exposure to heat.
Rate caps that once held down electricity costs are ending countrywide. Maryland residents recently experienced the shock of a 70% electric rate increase. Pennsylvania residents will receive the first of several rate increases starting in 2008.
The mortgage industry facing huge losses from foreclosures is working with homeowners to reduce monthly mortgage costs. A reduction in mortgage costs may help, but this is only a temporary solution. Moving to another home, unless it is energy efficient will not solve the problem.
The best solution is to implement energy saving features in your home as quickly as possible. This will not only be good for you financially, it will also be good for the planet.
?Siti Crook, 2007
Siti Crook is an expert in the field of energy efficient homes since the 1980's. She has an insightful perspective on rising energy costs and their affect on the real estate industry. If you'd like more information about current real estate trends visit: . Want to save energy? Visit  for great tips and so much more.

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