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[Accessibility] Ending Philosophical Debate

From: Chris Hofstader
Subject: [Accessibility] Ending Philosophical Debate
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2010 09:38:02 -0400
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I think that everyone on both sides of the free software priorities debate has had the opportunity to participate and express their views. I think that all points of view have been adequately represented and that we are seeing nothing more than repetition and argument for the sake of argument. Therefore, if anyone posts to this list on either side of the debate (excepting rms who is my boss and can over-rule me <smile>) after noon EST, I will change the list to a moderated status and start rejecting messages on this subject.

We have a lot of really smart and remarkably energetic people on this list. This fact is born out by the tremendous insight demonstrated by this debate. Now, I think that priority number one is to channel all of this energy and intellectual firepower into the myriad software engineering tasks we would like to see accomplished to inprove the computing power of people with disabilities and others who can benefit from these initiatives.

This debate has helped energize a lot of people interested in free access technology software projects and, while I think the discussion has run its course and that there is little left unsaid, a lot of new people have contacted me about helping out in one way or another. For this, we owe Eric and rms a debt of gratitude as, without their clear and concise points, many people would be far less clear on what FLOSS actually means and why software freedom is of such paramount importance to so many of us in the accessibility world.

As always, anyone is welcome to write to me directly or call me on the phone to discuss these matters. If you do not have my phone number or other private contact information and you want to talk to me, please write off list and I'll send you my numbers and such.

Happy Hacking,

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